7 Feb 2017; IMS (UiTř), room U3=A016. 14:15-16:00.
14 Feb 2017; IMS (UiTř), TEKNOLOGIBYGGET 3.003. 14:15-16:00.

Valentin Lychagin

“Measurement, Thermodynamics, and Contact Geometry - parts 1, 2”

In this series of seminars, I plan to outline an approach to problems of measurement based on ideas of thermodynamics and contact geometry. The first seminars will be devoted to the Jaynes method to study statistical measurment by means of two principles: Principle of Maximum Entropy (PME) and Principle of Minimum Information Gain (PMI). I plan to give a gentle introduction of notions of entropy and information together with formalization of PME and PMI principles in term of contact geometry and Lagrangian manifolds.