Fall  Semester 2009. Mat-Nat Faculty (UiTř), room U7=A152. Tuesday 12:15-14:00 .

1 Sep 2009
    Valentin Lychagin - "Contact geometry and Abel and Samuelson equations" (résumé).

8 Sep 2009
    Boris Kruglikov - "Integration of class N=1 PDE systems" (résumé).

15 Sep 2009
    Martin Rypdal - "Multi-fractal stochastic processes – A short review of the subject" (résumé).

18 Sep 2009
    Boris Kruglikov - "Symmetry Groups in: Algebra, Geometry and Differential Equations" (lecture for Norsk matematikkrĺd session in Tromsř).

29 Sep 2009
    Iosif Krasilshchik (Independent University of Moscow, Russia) - "Poisson structures in the geometry of PDEs" (résumé).

09 Dec 2009
    Dimitri Gourevitch (Valenciennes University, France) "Elements of braided geometry: recent results" (résumé).