Spring  Semester 2012. Mat-Nat Faculty (UiTř), room U1=A228.

19 Jan 2012
    Hilja Liza Huru (Hřgskolen i Finnmark, Norway) - “Quantizations of  finite group actions” (résumé).

7 Feb 2012
    Douglas Rogers (University of Hawaii) - “An area Polya missed and other polyomino enumeration problems (résumé).

8 Mar 2012
    Valentin Lychagin - “On Gronwall conjecture” (résumé).

3 May 2012
    Christian O'Cadiz Gustad - "Local structure of singular actions of 2 dimensional non abelian Lie algebra on the plane" (résumé).

3 May 2012
    Henrik Winther - "Almost Complex Homogeneous Spaces with Semi-Simple Isotropy" (résumé).

30 May 2012
    Dmitri Alekseevskyi (Brno/Moscow) - "Cohomogenity one Kahler and Kahler-Einstein manifolds" (résumé).

20 June 2012
    Sudhir Ghorpade (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay) - "An introduction to affine Grassmann codes" (résumé).