Fall Semester 2006. Mat-Nat Faculty (UiT), room U1=A228. Wednesday 10:15-12:00.

16 Aug 2006
    Boris Kruglikov "Dimension of the solutions space" (rsum).

6 Sep 2006
    Boris Kruglikov "Around Poincar conjecture" (rsum).

13 Sep 2006
    Per Jakobsen "The Navier-Stokes equations" (rsum).

20 Sep 2006
    Martin Rypdal "Examples of phase transitions in countable state Markov chains" (rsum).

27 Sep 2006
    Martin Rypdal - continuation.

4 Oct 2006
    Martin Rypdal - continuation.

11 Oct 2006
    Martin Rypdal - conclusion.

18 Oct 2006
    Andrey Piatnitski (Narvik University College, Norway & Lebedev Physical Institute, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow)
    "Ground state asymptotics for non-selfadjoint elliptic operator" (rsum).

25 Oct 2006
    Eldar Straume (NTNU, Norway) "An equivariant Riemannian geometric approach to the 3-body problem in celestial mechanics" (rsum).

22 Nov 2006
    Sergey Neshveyev (University of Oslo, Norway) "Entropy in noncommutative dynamical systems" (rsum).

29 Nov 2006
    Peder A. Tyvand (Norwegian University of Life Sciences, s, Norway) & Steinar Thorvaldsen (Troms University College)
    "Sexually neutral random mating with the numbers of males and females given" (rsum).

6 Dec 2006
    Einar Mjlhus "Extended MHD models for solitary waves" (rsum).

13 Dec 2006
    Thierrry Passot (University of Nice, France) "A FLR-Landau fluid model for the simulation of Alfvn wave cascade and mirror structures" (rsum).